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Explore the incredible inner technology of the Gene Keys.
Gene Keys Golden Path

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What is the Gene Keys?

The Gene Keys consist of 64 universal archetypes that underpin the very fabric of our universe, the holographic matrix of space-time itself. They are a transmission of a living wisdom; a wisdom hidden everywhere within the universe. This 64 code is at the core of all natural systems, the basis of the code of our DNA, computer programming, the kama sutra, the squares of a chess board, the i ching, the architecture of the vacuum from which all of creation is born, even the amount of crayons in a big box of crayolas. the Vedic, Egyptian, Mayan and Chinese cultures where all aware of the codex of the 64.

The Gene keys Transmission is a synthesis and exploration of the expression of these patterns through human consciousness and evolution, as well as the way that higher consciousness is mutating the human organism and its behavior to open us to greater levels of coherency love and awe. It is a distillation of centuries and eons of eastern and western mystical practical scientific and sacred teachings and transmissions.

The Gene Keys Book describes each of the 64 Core Archetypes through the lens of Shadow Gift and Siddhi (Enlightened Blossomed State). By acknowledging the full spectrum of consciousness, its highest beauty and its most constricted state, we lean to allow, accept, and embrace the Gift Hidden within Every Shadow. Instead of reacting or repressing the shadows of our human emotions, like fear, anxiety, stress, or dissatisfaction we exalt the energy, and open to a new octave of understanding, creativity, and bliss.

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What is the Golden Path Program?

The Golden Path is a map of your own personal Gene Keys based on your birthday. It is laid out as a journey, a deep dive into your own essence, unlocking the hidden potential every step of the way. The golden path addresses your innermost to outermost expression and embodiment in the world and how it may be manifesting. It is a friend and mirror of understanding, opportunity, and encouragement. There are three sequences laid out in the golden path, that all weave together into a greater collective story. The Activation Sequence which includes your life’s work, evolution, purpose and radiance, The Venus Sequence, which looks at your imprinting from gestation through your 21st year and accessing the full flowering of your heart and potential hidden within your relationships and the Pearl Sequence which sheds light on your healed and whole relationship to prosperity and your gifts being fully shared ad received by your community and the world. Each step of the journey is full of audio explorations of different gene keys, in depth explorations of each stage and sphere, a deeper insight into your “lines” i.e. how a specific key may be manifesting through you, as well as Webinars (transcripts available).

Gene Keys Golden Path Program

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