I.C.U. Authenticity Training

~~I M A G I N E ~~

How could a Video Camera and an Intentional Audience break you through to more of Who You Are ?… in life, on stage, Life Is a Stage!

Come and Join us in this Experimental Play-Tank, where each participant is supported in Unlocking their own Self-Fulfilling Prophecy.

Through a series of Games, Exercises and Experiments we will:

-Explore our Expressive Edges

-Be Seen

-Strengthen our Vulnerability Muscles

-Take off old Masks and try on new ones

-Transform what it is to Perform

-Evolve the Role of the Audience

-Readily Access our Authenticity

Check out our Video Invitation to get a closer look:


Debut 6 week series begins in February!

In Preparation, I.C.U. will be offering 3 Free Intake Sessions for New Players to come and get a taste of what is possible. Choose a date that works best for you:

-Saturday, Jan. 19th – 2-5pm at Onedoorland
-Tuesday, Jan. 22nd – 7-10pm at Onedoorland
-Saturday, Jan. 26th – 2-5pm at Onedoorland

Each of these sessions will be capped at 8 Participants. So, PLEASE RSVP to Amma Lightweaver or Theo Brahma if you want a spot!


Theo and Amma Li are coming into their Creative Power!
Y E S ! ! !
Their Passion for Freedom has led them to create this Empowered, Exploratory Container for people to join Together on this Shared Journey of Creative Liberation !!
Basically, they’d be doing this anyway, but its more fun and powerful with all of YOU!