Still Point

This Creative Contemplation Video was created by Wren LaFeet of Nomad Dance and Elijah Parker of OneDoorLand as a collaborative interpretation of the 52nd Gene Key “Still Point”. This video was inspired by the Float Dance Project, offering a platform for dancers to express their experiences of sensory deprivation floats at Portland’s “Float On” Center. Special Thanks to Sophia for initiating this incredible project, be sure to check out the project website to see all of the artists who shared their experiences in this inner-dimensional realm of Float Tanks.

Sir Wren Deer has the 52nd Gene Key in his Golden Path and was eager to integrate the energies of this archetype into his life through creative expression. During his experience in the Sensory Deprivation Tank, Wren experienced both deep stillness and the frenetic mind chatter of stress. Both Time and Timelessness danced in the dark, begging to come forth in his kinetic artistry. This short film was filmed in Portland OR, paralleling the frenetic nature of our modern city with the flowing movement of grace and beauty found in the stillness of meditation. The end sequence represented the final plunge into the 52nd Key’s programming partner – the joyous lake of bliss. From presence comes bliss, from stillness comes complete dissolution into the waters of joy.

The 52nd Gene Key is a journey from the Shadow of Stress to the Gift of Restraint to the Siddhi of Stillness.

Music by Milo Hayden (Mr. Moo) –

Excerpt of the 52nd Gene Key by Richard Rudd

The 52nd Shadow is responsible for one of the great phenomena of the modern world — stress. This 52nd Shadow and its programming partner the 58th Shadow of Joylessness represent the deepest genetic binary pattern that undermines human health…It is a collective pressure and not a personal pressure. It is an energy field generated by every human being alive, rather than being rooted in any specific personal issue. This means that stress is also deeply connected to our environment and to those around us…

One of the key manifestations of stress is the inability to escape mental anxiety. What happens is that you give the mind the authority to make decisions that you hope will end the stress. However, this nearly always ends in disaster because the mind’s activity is actually the manifestation of the stress itself. This classic biofeedback loop reinforces the very state you are trying to escape.

To begin anything, you must first have a clear intention. The more selfless your intention, the more power it will have. If you begin with
the right intention, then everything will follow, but you must resist the temptation to interfere with the process out of fear. The intention is the seed, and the seed contains all the necessary ingredients and properties that will be needed in the journey ahead. The seed even contains the specific fragrances that will attract the right allies at the right times. It is also true to say that the greater the power, the longer it takes to germinate. The seed of a yew tree and the seed of a sunflower are similar in size. However, whilst the sunflower will grow to its full size within the space of a few months, the yew tree has depth and complexity and will begin at a difference pace and follow its own timing. It may take 10 years just to reach the height of the sunflower, but it may live as long as 5000 years. So it is with all human ideas and actions.

The ancient Chinese named the 52nd Hexagram of the I Ching ‘Keeping Still Mountain’ and one is reminded here of the image of Buddha sitting in absolute stillness beneath his bodhi tree, waiting for all phenomena to dissolve and the true reality of enlightenment to shine through. The 52nd Siddhi contains within itself the power to focus humanity into a single unified pattern. It emanates a collective energy field that will eventually pacify the human emotional system. The 52nd Shadow of Stress is closely related to time. Much stress is caused because people experience time as moving so fast that they panic and try to catch up with it. The aura of a single being manifesting this 52nd Siddhi will literally stop the thoughts of everyone in their vicinity. It is a Siddhi that increases the wavelength between the particles of the subatomic world, and in doing so it slows down perceived time. Every Siddhi floods the energy field of humanity with its essence, so the presence of even a small number of beings at this level of
consciousness will change the way in which all human emotions operate. This kind of influx of Stillness into our planetary aura will make it possible for many millions of people to follow their right destiny into far wider service of the whole.